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To Our Dear Benefactors at Eretz Tova,

As we approach the wedding day of our child, we wish to express our thanks to you. During this time, the expenses are enormous, aside from the high cost of everyday living. Regardless of how frugal we try to be and how many modern-day amenities we do without, we suffer from the difficult economic times that precede the coming of Mashiach along with the rest of Klal Yisroel.

In order to cover the expenses we are forced to accept the assistance from Hashem’s worthy messengers, despite our embarrassment. Due to your chessed of providing the linens and towels for the new home, you greatly enhanced the simcha – not only for the chassan and kallah.

You will be earning the merit of increasing the wedding joy of the entire family. Your effort to assist us in our struggle will surely stand you in good stead in shamayim, bringing you all the best from the source of all blessing, including joy, peace of mind and much success. May you have the siyata dishmaya to continue doing chessed. May Hashem bestow you with long, healthy years and happy lives.

In the merit of tzedaka we will be redeemed; may we indeed merit to soon hear the shofar of Mashiach.

Wishing you with feelings of gratitude,
Family Brandsdorfer