The joyous occasion of marriage marks the new beginning of yet another golden link in the chain of our eternal nation. But for many brides in Eretz Yisroel, these joyous moments are marred by shame and grief.

The traditional household trousseau of linen, towels and other essentials for the home forms the bedrock upon which the Jewish mother anchors her home and nurtures her family. For thousands of brides each year, this basic essential for building a home is simply beyond their family’s means.
The household trousseau forms the bedrock upon which the Jewish mother anchors her home!
The feelings of shame and humiliation rob these young brides of the happiness and excitement of this precious milestone in their lives.

Now in its 18th year, Eretz Tova distributes some 1,000 household trousseau packages each year, bringing true joy to this most joyous life occasion and providing the foundations upon which thousands of homes and an infinite number of generations will build their future. In situations of extreme need, cash grants are also given to help cover wedding expenses.
A Queen in her own Home
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the package

The complete bridal package contains a set of magnificent, fine bed linens and a generous collection of towels and other essentials, all manufactured in the US of the highest quality materials.

For many of these destitute young couples moving into small and cramped substandard apartments, these elegant home goods help transform the dreary surroundings into a home to be proud of. In their testimonials, brides and their parents frequently mention how the bridal package made them feel like a queen in their home.

the merit

Hachnosas Kallah is amongst the most preeminent ideals of tzedakah!

Hashem, the Father of orphans and the Guardian of widows will repay your kindness many times over!
Perform Chesed and walk humbly
Perform Chesed and walk
humbly before Hashem, that is
the Mitzva of Hachnosas Kallah
When getting married and setting up a home, it is essential for the new home to have the basic necessities to create a pleasant and functional environment for raising a healthy family. The poor and needy of Eretz Yisroel don’t need much in terms of materialism. But they do need quality linens, towels and housewares that will last them for many years to come.

The Eretz Tova Bridal Fund provides donors an opportunity to earn a share in this very special mitzvah and in the merit of all the beautiful generations that will come forth from this holy abode. As a project of Kollel Shomrei Hachomos, this unique zechus also has the segulah of Reb Meir Baal Haness, a cherished merit for Klal Yisroel dating back hundreds of years.
Choose your sponsorship toward outfitting a home in honor of the marriage of your own child or grandchild, as well as a merit for yourself or a loved one.
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